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The Skokie Kollel offers various programs throughout the year. All of the activities are free.

For additional information with the children's programs, please contact

Mr. Binyomin Babendir at 847-636-1995

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Motsei Shabbos Winter
(November - February)

'Torah Nosh and Tales - TNT' is our classic Father-Son learning program which has been around, and enjoyed, for decades. 

Boys learn for a half hour with their fathers, friends or alone. Each week features a great speaker from around the community. This year the older boys volunteered to speak for the the first time. The results have been truly inspirational.

The evening concludes with pizza, fries and a great raffle with significant prizes (seforim, gift cards, sports gear and toys).

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Sunday Afternoon Programming (Spring - Fall)

A monthly program filled with a variety activities with a focus on fun and chesed. Designed for girls between 6 - 12. Some of the amazing programs in the past year include:

-Decorative alcohol ink plates

-Decorated flower pots with a new plant Vases with a variety of flowers

-Baking projects (including brownies, cookies and other delicacies)

-Hand made cards for people who are not feeling well or could use a cheerful message.

The food or art is shared anonymously with people in the community.

The programs are run by women in the community and assisted by younger  ladies.

The free program includes pizza and fries.

Call 847-636-1995 for more information..

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Shabbos Afternoon Programming (Spring - Fall)

There  are three many offerings:

3:00 Mincha - Enjoy the only early Mincha in Skokie. Usually fully led by the boys. A great opportunity for the future leaders to gain skill and confidence davening from the amud, leining, or acting as a gabbai.

3:30 - 4:15 - Boys learning program - Boys learn for in the Bais Medrash with their fathers, their friends or alone. The prgram concludes with a story, raffles and a delicious snack.

4:15 - 5:00 Second Seder - Boys who would like extra learning, continue to learn, followed by an extra raffle and pareve ice cream with all the toppings.

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